Example Preface

Master Thesis, Bachelor Thesis, Doctoral Thesis, etc.

Example foreword, instructions and tips: The foreword to a master’s thesis, bachelor’s thesis, etc. is not mandatory, but has an additional influence on a positive evaluation of a scientific work, since only here personal motives, Acknowledgments and background information about the course of cooperation can be. Because only the foreword I may be written the ICH form. With a few inputs and an example, it’s easy to write a good foreword.

What is the foreword in the master’s thesis, bachelor’s thesis, etc.?
First of all, the foreword serves to express personal gratitude to all persons involved in the success of the work. Naturally, the caregivers also expect thanks (although in many cases they de facto earn little thanks, such as long response times, fussy corrections, the withdrawal of changes that have been made, or inaccessibility).

Sponge over it, it ultimately serves a conciliatory atmosphere, the main thing is the master’s thesis (or bachelor thesis, doctoral thesis, etc.) is done. The real thanks often go to all other helping people.

Do I need a foreword for my scientific work?

As mentioned, it is not mandatory but a positive gesture and often a warm signal to all those who have supported the often tedious work process, often through many small everyday things. Again and again a printed copy, e.g. As long as the Master’s thesis is given away to the family, those affected will always find it nice to be mentioned in the preface.

This pattern / example foreword of a master’s thesis can be filled with own content:

The present master’s thesis on “Ecological Approaches in Global Sourcing” was initially based on my own interest in the subject and on my role as head of purchasing at the international automotive supplier Invato AG. In the period from 2015 to 2018, as part of my work and beyond, I worked intensively on the Master’s thesis through research in libraries and databases – always with the aim of making a positive contribution to a sustainable economy with the findings.

Together with my supervisor, Ms. Prof. Eulenspiegel, I developed the question and the structure. With their valuable tips, it was possible to create a clear structure with which I kept track of the entire process of the Master’s thesis. When questions popped up in between, she was always trying to answer me quickly. So she made a considerable contribution to the success of this Master’s thesis, thank you very much!

Equally important to me was the help of my partner Alexandra, who patiently supported me in everyday life and gave me time and again confidence and strength to lead the research project to its destination. Dear Alexandra, my heartfelt thanks for everything you have done for me over these two years!

In addition, all ten experts deserve my sincere thanks, who have provided me with deep insights into their experiences during my survey. Above all, they are the ones who have created the basis for the new findings in this master’s thesis.

Even my fellow students and friends, “Mad Max” and “Ugly Ulrich” deserve my sincere thanks. As a master of the iMac they showed me again and again the many small tricks with which the work organization, the document processing, database research and as well as layout and formatting go much easier.

I hope you enjoy reading this work!